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The Parent, Teacher and Friends Association (PTFA) provides another opportunity for parents to become involved in the school community. It is comprised of a group of parents who, in conjunction with teaching staff, strive to further school and community relations, encourage parent involvement in education, organise social and educational functions and assist the Board of Trustees with fundraising.

Membership is free and all parents and guardians of St. John’s School students and school staff are automatically members. Parents of pre-school students and other interested adults within the school community are welcome to become members.

Fundraising is a major undertaking and the PTFA makes a notable contribution to the on-going development of school facilities and resources. The St. John’s School PTFA has always been particularly active and generates a fund of approximately $40,000 per year for school resources.

St. John’s School prides itself in obtaining parent support and this year is no exception. We have a team of committed and dedicated parents and teachers who give freely of their time to help support the school. We have numerous fundraisers throughout the year with our main profit earners last year being:

  • Think-A-Thon

  • St. John’s School Gala

  • Raffles

The PTFA can be a lot of fun and it is a place where you can discover how the school is operating as well as making life long friends. You can experience a great sense of satisfaction when you are part of a team which, together, is working to support the children at the school.

The PTFA meets on a regular basis on the first Tuesday of the month in the school staff room at 7.30pm. All parents are entitled and welcome to attend these meetings.

Dad’s Pies Fundraiser

Orders and payment due by Friday 22nd June.  Pies will be available for pick up on Thursday 5th July from 2.30pm They will be frozen and must go home on this day.  Please indicate whether you will pick up or if you wish your order to be sent home with your child.  A cooler bag is suggested for transportation.

Dads Pies Order Form