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St. John’s School  [under the Integration Act (1975)]  has a maximum roll of 337 pupils at primary level, from New Entrants to Year 6.

The school has an Enrolment Policy 23 November 2018 to assist in the management of the roll and to maintain a balance of class level numbers across the school.

The school can accept up to 5% of non-preference children if places are available after all preference children are accepted.  To obtain a Prospectus which includes an Application for Enrolment form, a  Preference of Enrolment Certificate and a School Brochure please contact the school as below.

Criteria for Preference of Enrolment in Integrated Catholic Schools, Agents of the Bishop, Who May Sign the Certificate on his Behalf and the Process of Appeal are all detailed on the reverse side of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference Preference of Enrolment Certificate for the Catholic Diocese of Auckland. Preference Certificate Catholic Diocese of Auckland.  St. John’s School is a signed party to the Ministry of Education Cohort Entry Policy.  The updated Education Amendment Act 2019 (the Act) came into force on 14th May 2019 [previous version 2017].  Most provisions in the current amended Act took effect from 14th May 2019.   Amended provisions relating to cohort entry take effect from 1 January 2020.  As a result New Entrant children at St. John’s School will start in cohorts but only after they have turned five years of age AND there will be two entry points per term, one on the first day of term and one at a mid-point during the term.  The Cohort Entry mid-term dates are determined by the Ministry of Education throughout the year and we cannot deviate from them. The Ministry has the right to change any detail of the Cohort Entry policy.

For further information on enrolment please contact the Principal’s Secretary by email at michelen@stjohnsmairangibay.school.nz  or telephone 09 478 7734 Xtn 203

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